Stand-Alone Mission Walkthroughs

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1. Fast & Furious

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Planet: Ultima Thule
Clan: Sacred Eights (better fast units)
Enemy Clan: Sacred Eights (better fast units)
Goal: highest ecosphere score after 30 turns

You need to use your improved assault guns to best advantage against your opponent, who also has improved assault guns.

Sacred Eights assault guns have +4 attack, +2 speed, and +1 range.  In addition you have been upgraded with +8 attack, +1 range, +14 hits, and +2 speed.  In short, these things are hell on tracks.  Your opponent has also upgraded his assault guns, with +8 attack, +1 shots, +1 armor, +10 hits, and +2 speed.

All scouts have +2 attack and +2 speed from the clan bonus.  His scouts have +2 attack, +1 armor, +4 hits, and +2 speed; your scouts have +8 speed.  You're better at hitting and running, but he's better at hitting -- two of his scouts can kill one of yours, but you need three to kill his.

With 30 attack, your assault guns need two hits to kill one of his.  He needs the same, but he gets an extra shot.  His units have more power, but yours have better range.  You'll need to pick away at him, striking and retreating, using other assault guns for cover.

You have a couple of engineers and some vehicle plants, but no constructors.  The game is going to be over before you have a chance to build anything but a couple of guns to keep stray scouts away.

The enemy base is a short distance to the southwest.  You will spot a couple of his scouts immediately.  They're backed up by a ton of scouts, eight assault guns, and some base defenses.  He also has two eco-spheres to your one, which means you have to destroy at least one of his eco-spheres within 30 turns.

Build a repair unit and a supply truck in the LVP, at 2x.  Repeat-build an assault gun in the HVP.  Use your engineers to build gun turrets at 2x at the NE and SE corners of the base to keep scouts away.  (If you don't, you will learn the effectiveness of a scout swarm.)

Move your assault guns south about five squares, forming a horizontal line.  Make sure that you stop when they can still fire once (shift-click the destination and look at the arrow colors).  Put the scanner right behind them, and move the scouts in tight.

Some assault guns and scouts will come to visit at the start of turn 2.  Kill them.  Remember that you can peck at his assault guns with scouts to make it a one-shot kill with your assault guns.

On turn 4 some more units appear, with a scanner.  If you have placed your assault guns in a horizontal line, you can advance two units, firing once and retreating back to the line.  The two stationary units will kill any assault guns or scouts that attempts to retaliate.  Target his scanners first, scouts second, since he's blind without them (and they go down in one shot).

Build gun turrets at the NW and SW corners of the base.  You may want to keep a scout or two nearby to deal with the curious.

On turn 5 or 6 you can start moving your assault guns down.  Always advance your scout first, then your scanner, then your assault guns.  Keeping your guns paced with the scanner (speed 7) will ensure that you always have a shot available in case you're blitzed by scouts.

Switch your LVP to 1x and build scouts.  Send your repair and supply units down.  Keep them close to the assault guns or they will get picked apart by scouts.

Continue to advance patiently.  Don't overextend yourself.  By turn 12 or so you should be in range of his mining station.  Destroy that and the game is effectively over.  Clean up his base, making sure to destroy both eco-spheres.  Watch out for the artillery in the ocean area (range 8).  You can drive a suicide scout in to take the hit and then kill it with a pair of assault guns.

Game ended on turn 23.

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