Honey Bunny

[cute bunny]

The (second) WebTV rabbit.

Honey Bunny was born in late 1996, and was soon in the care of Sandra Bernardi. If you've seen the opening to Pulp Fiction, you've seen Honey's namesake. Honey lived with Sandra at home for a short while, then took up semi-permanent residence in Sandra's cube in WebTV's Mountain View campus.

Honey arrived a few weeks after the passing of Bowser, the original WebTV rabbit. Bowser lived with Phil Goldman for many years, and was the official rabbit of General Magic before moving to WebTV.

In the year 2000, Honey Bunny retired from her reign at WebTV, and shared a room in Sandra's house with another bunny named Rorshach (after the ink blots). Honey died from natural causes on October 2nd, 2001.

Cube Life

Honey has a modest cage that sits a few feet off the ground. She can watch the world around her, and feel safe when the occasional visiting dog comes sniffing by.

bunny-cage1 bunny-toy bunny-cage
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. Here she's next to her favorite toys: a wire ball meant for cats, and a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels. Just hanging out.
bunny-lick bunny-banana bunny-up
Somewhat blurry shot of Honey trying to groom me. Few things are as tasty as a banana. She'll even stand up to get a bite.
bunny-finger bunny-close  
 Finger-lickin' good!  Some people are afraid of being bitten by rabbits, but their "vegetarian" teeth aren't too scary. Say, that camera looks kinda like a banana...  

Hard at Work

Honey played an important role in daily WebTV activities. She filled the vital role of lap-warmer while e-mail was being read, and she was the primary provider of fine free-floating hair.

bunny-cornered bunny-side

Sitting quietly on the "Bunny-Trac™ Deluxe Bunny Traction and Comfort Station". I don't know who came up with the name; it's just a carpet sample sitting on a piece of non-slip rubber. The desk surface is too slippery for her to feel comfortable, so she stays on the carpet. Handy, since she likes to chew on phone cords and power strip cables.

bunny-sniff.jpg (82135 bytes) bunny-cute.jpg (53182 bytes)

Now that is a cute bunny.

On Vacation

A few images from Honey's favorite vacation spot: a WebTV conference room.

She's a dedicated cable-chewer, so the room has to be bunny-proofed before she can be let in.

bunny-conf-view.jpg (99623 bytes) bunny-sign.jpg (101423 bytes)

Hanging out.

bunny-conf1.jpg (106778 bytes) bunny-conf3.jpg (118576 bytes) bunny-conf2.jpg (97916 bytes)

On the prowl.

bunny-hop.jpg (96243 bytes) bunny-lurking.jpg (120282 bytes) bunny-peer.jpg (84704 bytes) bunny-prowl.jpg (114653 bytes)

Stopping for a quick bath, bunny-style.

bunny-clean.jpg (85521 bytes) bunny-face-clean.jpg (95531 bytes)

Kick back and relax.

bunny-relax.jpg (144593 bytes) bunny-dim.jpg (90700 bytes)

She visited the scenic Conference Room National Park again over Memorial Day weekend. Some extra bunny-proofing was put into place because of additional network and power cables that were added to the room.

bunny-bars.jpg (128140 bytes) bunny-escape.jpg (131944 bytes)

Say... isn't that a homo sapiens?

bunny-ankle.jpg (147581 bytes) bunny-foot.jpg (179719 bytes)

Cleverly using the white-and-gray walls as camouflage...

bunny-flat.jpg (124923 bytes) bunny-corner.jpg (85819 bytes) bunny-wall.jpg (133683 bytes) bunny-ears.jpg (101717 bytes) bunny-planter.jpg (115333 bytes)

Rabbits have a surprising amount of curiosity. This one wants to know what's on the other side of that door.

bunny-door.jpg (140501 bytes)


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